Wheat is the main human nutrition.  In Turkmenistan, wheat is sown in autumn and spring.  Autumn sowing is sown in September, when the seedlings are gaining a little growth, fertilization is given.  Before the onset of cold   weather and before the  soil  freezes, wheat grows and gains growth.  In winter, wheat lies under the snow.  Snow does no harm to wheat.  Falling a lot of snow is good for wheat.  In the spring, the sun warms up, it gets warm, wheat is gaining growth and growing well.   Spring sowing is sown in February; in March at the end of May, wheat is already ripening.  Wheat  is harvested in June  and July.   The crop is harvested  by  machines to combine harvesters.  Wheat is threshed  in elevators.  This is how flour is used to make the most important product, necessary for a person, bread.

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