Turkmen papakha- telpek

Despite forty-degree heat Turkmen aksakals (elders) wear big shaggy fur hats which fascinate foreign tourists. However, this unique headdress that was created by Turkmen many centuries ago indeed saves them from intensive heat.
From time Immemorial, Turkmen clothes have been adapted for wearing them intensively in the open air and in the sun.
The practicality of this headdress was determining factor because being nomadic Turkmen had to cover great distances in deserts. So a fur papakha- telpek was born. In spite of looking heavy this is actually a relatively light hat. It creates a special microclimate under it, which saves from overheating in summer and cold in winter.
Telpek plays an important role in Turkmen national menswear. It serves as an original criterion of man’s figure beauty, helps to develop a handsome bearing and graceful movements.
“A hat is worn not for warmth but for honor. If you have no one to talk to — talk to your papakha’’- they say in Turkmenistan. Turkmen are very much proud of their headdresses and take great care of them.
They have always covered them with a kerchief and to make sure that the fur was straight and the cap was not deformed they put them on special dummies made of mulberry tree.

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