The village is changing, the farmer is reviving.

If you look around, the wide fields turn into flower beds. The farmers work tirelessly inspired by the conditions created to work, to produce a blessed harvest, and to live to see the present of halal labor. What a blessing it is to work the land and reap a bountiful harvest! In accordance with the tasks  arising from the decisions taken on agricultural development at the first meeting of the  People’s Council of Turkmenistan, the procedure for granting long- term plots of land to private entrepreneurs, farmers and landowners from their specially created land places was developed. Accordingly, as noted above, it is possible to get a good harvest from the ground and turn a wide field into a flower garden. With such happiness, the number of our businessmen farmers are increasing day by day.
Saparmyrat Turkmenbashy district of Dashoguz velayat in turn, is making progress. In meeting with farmers in the district’s farmers’ associations, there is a regular camping to give land plots from specially created land funds to farmers. Our entrepreneurs, with the support of our state’s private enterprise, are working effectively to make a worthy contribution to our Motherland through the transformation of the village, the efficient use of land, the upliftment of the Motherland. With each passing year, the number of farmers’ associations are growing. Cotton and wheat are rich in blessing. The rice industry is at the forefront of our district. Good results are archived from rice every year. With the tireless work of rice farmers, it is a worthy contribution of our district to the development of agriculture in our country. High- performance agricultural machinery purchased by our esteemed President from abroad has become the mainstay of the farmer today. While, the material and technical base of our district and the agricultural sector is being  strengthened.
It is not easy task to cultivate the land and resulting the halal labor. Harvesting the land requires a lot of hard work and patience from the farmers. Ultimately, the resulting success is better than a thousand riches. There is nothing better than halal labor. By reading  this legend, you realize once again that the present of halal labor is great.
Once upon a time there was an elder had two sons. One day the elder called his sons to share his inheritance and said:

  • My dear sons, I have a box full of golden and silver and a land where I have a bountiful harvest. Get whichever of these you like! – said.

The eldest’s youngest son receives a gold- silver box,  and older son inherits the land. A few years later, the eldest of the brethren reaps a bountiful harvest from the ground. And the younger brother ran out of wealth. So he comes to his brother and explains his situation sadly. His brother, on the other hand, explain that the source of this blessing is land.
It is a great happiness to be able to reap a bountiful harvest from the land and rejoice in your hard work. There are  more farmers in our district who deserve such happiness. At the heart of such high results is the large-scale work carried out by our state on agricultural reform, rural transformation, and modernization of living conditions. So the village is changing,  the farmer is reviving.

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