The Turkmen carpet art.

        A carpet is an ancient and eternal, everlasting art of our people. The carpets, which can amaze anyone with their beauty, delicatness and playing colors, are inspiration of our people’s soul. The carpets are like heavenly beauty.
In our native land most beautiful carpets are woven as a result of the great love and efforts of our carpet-weavers.
The Turkmen weavers makes The carpet famous as a mirrors of her creative world. The variety of patterns can be explained in the following way: each woman turned the carpet into mirror of her soul and wove it with her great love. In order to understand the carpet it is necessary to understand the nature of creativity.
Our wonderful carpets are unique evidence of possibilities and complexity of human creativity because its source is original nature; its complexity is created from simplicity. The Turkmen carpets have been remaining bright during their whole existence and these carpet resemble spring. Therefore Turkmen carpets a miracle art.
Spiritual heritage for us is our worthiness of the spirit of our ancestors.
The Turkmen carpet is a symbol is wisdom.
The Turkmen carpet is a symbol of beauty.
The Turkmen carpet is a symbol of talent.
The Turkmen carpet is a reflection of beauty.
At present, carpet weaving is the craft mastered subconsciously.

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